Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers-Bits of paper


Bits of Paper

Sam slowed down whenever he cycled past the big bookstore. He usually cycled around the block a couple of times before he got up the courage to stop, lean the cycle against the lamp post and walk right in. Mr. Roy, the burly bookshop owner would not even look up from the cash register to acknowledge Sam.

Sam would get down to work right away. Sweeping, dusting, rearranging, always fearful, looking over his shoulder furtively, tingling with the anticipation of the routine beating that he seemed to invite. Still, he had courage enough to gather the bits of brown wrapping paper and stick them in his waistband, underneath the jacket, for his baby sister to play with. Life under the flyover was cold, bare, hungry but the paper bits made her happy.

Word count : 132

Posted in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.



  1. Excellent story. Very sad that Sam had to be so afraid of Mr. Roy. I’m not sure what a flyover is but I imagine it is living under the path of airplane take offs and landings? The ending is so sweet but also kind of sad. Thank you for participating and I hope you will continue.

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    1. It is lovely to be part of this flash fiction challenge. I had done longer stories before but never said something in such few words. I hope to convey myself better with time.
      A flyover is what is perhaps called an over bridge in the US. In India (and I do keep getting the cultures mixed up), the flyovers frequently shelter the homeless and the squatters while it is being constructed.



  2. I enjoyed this but, of course, it is sad to think of a child finding pleasure under a cold wet flyover with bits of paper. A flyover in the UK is usually part of a bridge or motorway and the homeless also use them here. Very sad

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  3. Oh I’m glad I read the other comments it helped me understand the story a little better. Then yes the story is sad and I’m sad that your MC is so afraid of his boss. I love that he cares so much for his little sister, it makes the situation that much more heart felt. I think if you make the whole story a little more concise and free up a few words you’ll be able to clarify a few more things. Give a sense of where this takes place, location. Otherwise I like how you took the inspiration of the prompt. Nice job.

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  4. You have written this beautifully and presented the characters of both Mr.Roy and Sam really well. Mr. Roy was a totally unsympathetic, uncaring employer, whilst Sam seemed to hold so much responsibility for the welfare of his deprived family under the flyover. I really enjoyed reading this. šŸ™‚

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