Reading vs Writing

Writing is so cathartic. It is such a creative pursuit. It brings out your innermost emotions, throws them down on paper or screen of an electronic device, morphed into something unrecognisable at times, but making sense to the people who consume this art form.

Writing is the best form of self expression for me; I may be a wordsmith. Even then, I cannot say that I have been writing for as long as I remember. But I can say that for reading. Yes, I have been reading ever since I learnt the alphabet, which of course was when I was but a toddler. At perhaps 5 years of age, I could read three languages. Although I went on to become really proficient in only one-and that serves my purpose quite well, I can still identify with languages.

I worship the written word- and printed, of course. I still love etymology, the nuances of a language, the layers inherent in dialects, words, just words. A well written piece for me is something that has words conveying exactly what needs to be said, without meandering and a seamless flow of thought. As a child, I would read and re-read passages written by the masters to understand their thought process and logic. Why one sentence led to the other? How one paragraph preceded this one? How ideas flowed from one to the other?

Recently, when my local library closed for a few days, I was distraught. There is so much more available to read but I could not bear the thought of not visiting this room full of shelves and shelves of books. It was my weekly fix. I tried to write instead, to take the edge off the waiting for it to reopen but nothing compares to flipping yellowing pages, musty smelling and crinkly to touch.

Reading, reading and reading. Any day over writing!



      1. Apologies accepted 😉 Why sorry, thanks for the information. But even Norman Vincent Peale could also write that book, If he ever wanted to read one such book and couldn’t find any available!! 😀

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  1. I feel exactly the same way. Still remember the excitement of learning to read, then asking for “a book” as a gift for any occasion. I feel lost in a room without books. And reading leads to writing. Wish I had the discipline to write every day, though. Do you manage that?

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  2. Yes reading is AWESOME!! Can’t imagine a world without books!! I was the kid on summer vacation who would keep a list of all the books she read 🙂 And 2 years years ago when I was laid up for awhile I once again counted all the books I read! Don’t know what I would have done without them.

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  3. I agree with you 😀 When I write something,I feel limited somehow,as if it could have been way better and delightful if someone else had written it. A good reading gives me long time of contentment. And yes,the yellowed pages makes me feel like touching a different time.

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  4. Reading is definitely as wonderful habit…I used to read a lot as a child but after a kid , it is difficult..But I do try to do so as and when I can..though I am not into non fiction or serious reading…I am more of the ‘fiction’ genre type 😛

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    1. Yes, i know, it is difficult to keep up the reading when your children are little. But i think you are a very prolific writer. I always wonder how you manage 🙂
      I too love fiction very much. Which are your favourite authors?

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      1. I love Dan Brown ,Jeffrey archer ,Sydney sheldon , Amish tripathi for his ‘Shiva trilogy’ …… 🙂 Call me childish but I loved the Harry potter series , Lord of rings… But I didn’t quite like J. K rowling’s attempt to write mystery in ‘Cuckoo’s calling ‘ 🙂

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      2. Wow! What a long list of interesting authors! I too like Dan Brown and Jeffrey Archer. I used to read lots of Sidney Sheldon books. Amish Tripathy is on my ‘must read’ list, also Harry Potter. I enjoyed the Harry Potter movies but am yet to pick up the books. I will not call you childish- i still love ‘Alice in Wonder land’ and many other books for little children. I regularly devour books meant for 3 years old even.


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