The Writing Challenge

Yesterday, I wrote. And with a twist. I wrote a few lines in my mother tongue Punjabi. It has been years since I picked my pen to write the language that has shaped my subconscious. This was in response to my blogger friend Jithin’s challenge to write something in our mother tongue on World Handwriting… Continue reading The Writing Challenge


Serenity in the lap of nature

This little cluster of houses is in a remote region of the hills I live in. I had to trek on precarious slopes (no trails) to reach the house of a local godman.Running water? From the stream. Food and groceries? Cultivated from the land. Milk? From the domestic goats. TV? What is that? Cell phones? Yes, why not? After all, India is in the thralls of a telecom revolution.

Posted in response to Weekly Photo Challenge.

When the library closes…I pick up my pen

It sounds funny in today’s world, when we have kindle, ebooks, online reading material, bookstores and print reading material in plenitude, that the temporary closing of the local library would cause a lot of angst-to me. But, yes, it does, incredibly so. I am the kind of person who reads everything and anything. Fiction, non-fiction,… Continue reading When the library closes…I pick up my pen

The Tiny Soldier-Part 2 The following story is part of Flash Fiction Chain # 5 hosted at the wonderful Photrablogger. The chain is inspired by the photograph above which is just one of the bunch of amazing photos and posts about travel, photography and life on the blog. Part 1 has been written by Abirami. Please read it… Continue reading The Tiny Soldier-Part 2