No Coffee=Groggy

Coffee drinkers, unite!

Unfortunately, I cannot heed that call for I have given up drinking coffee. A hard core drinker (of coffee, what else?), I embarked on this journey eight years ago when I had my first child. All through pregnancy and breastfeeding, I was exhorted to drink milk. I could not tolerate much of the white stuff so I mixed it up with a little bit of the brown powder (the instant variety). I still drink coffee that way. All milk. The purists would snort at me but once an addict, always an addict.

I read an interesting post from an eminent blogger a couple of months back. He is eminent because he speaks of lofty ideals, dedication to community service, higher goals and subjects worthy of an encyclopedia. Sandwiched between all this, I found his reminiscences when he ran out of coffee filters. The agony! He ended up using the paper napkins.

Am I similarly distraught? Yes, for I realised I had run out of coffee and it was not possible to get more of the stuff as it was snowing. For a few minutes, I lost myself in the soft flakes drifting down gently. I watched as they settled on the leaves, the railings, my clothesline. The white stuff was exhilarating. Forgiving it for disrupting my daily routine, I brewed myself some tulsi ginger tea.

This tea is healthy. Full of antioxidants. Combines the goodness of the herb tulsi and the ginger root. It is expensive (hence, not meant for philistines). It warms my insides. It looks like mud mixed in water and tastes like grass (a bovine likes it very much, so this is what I surmised).

It snowed the entire day. The car is surrounded by snow. The streets are full of the icy stuff. The phone does not work to call the home delivery guy. After the fourth cup of the abomination tea, I decide to make a virtue out of a necessity. I have given up drinking the numerous cups of coffee. For some days, at least. How many? Oh! I am too grumpy to decide.

Is that coffee or tulsi ginger tea?

3 thoughts on “No Coffee=Groggy

  1. lol !!! I hope you get your coffee very very soon and we see the less grumpy side of you 😀 Luckily I rarely drink tea/coffee of any kind.Mom made it sure that I don’t get the ‘addiction’ too. But I like both of them in terms of flavors 🙂


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