The Enchanting Light -Flash Fiction- Part 8

The following work of Flash Fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger friend Jithin of Photrablogger. The picture above is his creative photography which inspired this series of fiction writing. Do check out his blog to read about his adventures while travelling and some lovely photographs. Character List Rebecca: Protagonist (Main Character) Samantha: Rebecca’s… Continue reading The Enchanting Light -Flash Fiction- Part 8

Celebratory Chop Suey

For the past couple of days I have been checking my WordPress stats eagerly the first thing in the morning. This is to help decide what to eat during the day. Confused? I decided a month back that the day I get 100 followers on my blog, I would celebrate- by treating myself to some… Continue reading Celebratory Chop Suey


The Twinkle of evening lights, lamps and crackers

This a photograph I took on Diwali- the Indian Festival of Lights.

Three different kinds of twinkle can be seen in the picture. In the background is the twinkle of lights from the houses on the hill slopes. There are my ‘divas’- traditional earthern lamps in the balcony and on the floor is the light seen from ‘chakri’-one of the crackers burst by children and adults alike on this day.

Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge.