This is a landscape I love, for I gaze at it many times during the day. I take my morning coffee overlooking this scene, read the paper, looking up to drink in the scene and simply spend a few moments with nature.



  1. Wow! What a view. Let me guess: the Rockies? or maybe the Alps? Kind of reminds me of some scenes we encountered while in Germany. No wonder your creative juices flow. Every house, every building on that hillside contains a story, at least one. Go for it!

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    1. Not America. Nor Europe. But the mighty Himalayas. Shimla, the place I live in, is situated in the north west Himalayas. In the state of Himachal, in India. Yes, you are right. Every house has a story. I am trying to get adept at listening and then telling through my pen.

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      1. You are moer than adept. Are you in India? Nepal? We have a missionary family that we support in Nepal: Luke and Jamie Knickerbocker. They have a blog and newsletter that they post. If you’re interested in seeing their photos and stories their blogsite is They are also on Facebook. Just search Knickerbocker.


  2. When I saw this picture, it reminded me of Anita Desai for some reason. It took me several days to remember (oh the joys of turning 60) which one of her novels it brought to mind. This morning it dawned on me, it was “Fire on the Mountain.” It was set in Kasauli and I believe the artwork on the cover looked a bit like this.



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