Growing Old


Old Growth Forest in California

Today, I sat in the sun and peeled carrots, chopped vegetables and cleaned some fenugreek leaves for lunch.

Yesterday, I made a trip to the local wool shop to buy knitting needles and some wool. An overwhelming urge to knit something had overtaken me.

I like sitting with my spouse and talking of nothing.

I admire people with greying hair. I turn around to catch another glimpse of elderly carrying themselves with dignity.

I like to ask people older than me of their life’s wisdom.

I want to write my memoir. I feel I have done what I wanted to and now it is time to record for my future generations.

I like my routine, my cup of coffee.

I like to eat meals at regular times.

I feel wellness programs are better than dieting.

Am I getting old?

My dear friend and I like to take walks in the neighbourhood. She sighs sometimes when she sees elderly couples sitting on benches, basking in the sun. “Ah! Our future!”, she says with much pleasure. I wonder sometimes and ask her what is it about old age that likes. She says, “An appreciation of companionship, of simple pleasures of life, feeling a sense of contentment at having fulfilled one’s duties and responsibilities, having lots of free time to finally pursue what one wants to…”. Her eyes glinting, she adds,”Peace”.



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