Clutter- Why, How and Now What?

Clutter is a confusing or disorderly state or collection as per Wikipedia. In my life it is the excessive collection of physical objects that have accumulated to horrendous proportions over the years, never thrown out and stuffed in all possible nooks and corners. It has taken over not only my home but also a sizeable portion of my parent’s house and my in-laws.

Spiritual Guru Deepak Chopra says that people with messy emotions live in disorderly and messy houses. Wikipedia says that excessive clutter could be the sign of Compulsive Hoarding. My best friend says that it is affecting my daily life and effectiveness. My husband says…. well, never mind, we can skip that.

Yesterday, I talked about Beginnings. Well, November 1st saw me committing to NaBloPoMo. I also joined Photography 101 on WordPress’ Blogging U. And I also decided to get rid of all the clutter in my life, physical and emotional. OK, I decided to tackle the physical clutter first because the results would be tangible and hence encouraging. So, the Big Project begins.

I took stock of all the rooms in my own house. My parents and in laws live in far away cities. Hmm.. quite a lot of stuff. In the kitchen, the countertops were piled high. The drawers were jammed. The fridge top and every other available space had been utilised. I threw out a couple of near empty boxes of cereal and felt virtuous.

The yards were kind of untouchable for now. I scrubbed down the bathrooms a little bit. They shone! Now if I could just do this on a regular basis…

The bedrooms! Umm.. summer clothes piled high on every available place, ready to be put away. They have been ready for quite some time, actually. I further tried to clean out the closets. The piles outside the wardrobe gained height.

Ah, the children’s toys! I sifted through the piles. Dolls with missing limbs and clothes, trucks with missing wheels, jigsaw puzzles with missing pieces, coloured blocks in hundreds. Bits and pieces of plastic that looked suspiciously like broken toys. I felt nostalgic, of all the times my children have been playing with these. Actually, nostalgia was a misplaced emotion, for they are still little and still playing with those bits. I figured out the day I have the courage to dump the dolls without the limbs would be the day I would gain some momentum.

Now, for the boxes and boxes of papers, journals, newspaper clippings. Calendars! Old ones at that! Oh! Bits of Me! Of my past. Of the person I was. I must keep these as mementoes. For my children to one day go through these and know the person I was. After I am gone, of course.

And the loads of books that my husband keeps hanging onto! So many papers. All useless and never looked into. I wonder why he does not clean up the clutter.

Now, I have taken stock of the situation and have an idea of how things stand. And yes, I did throw out those cereal boxes. Also, a pair of torn socks; far beyond redemption. Something got done today!

Dear Readers, your suggestions on managing clutter are welcome. I would keep you posted on the developments on the decluttering front.



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