November is here at last!

Been waiting for November since last year. A wait that lasted almost 12 months (that’s obvious,actually).

In fact, I came across the NaNoWriMo phenomena around that time. People were talking about it online, so I did some research. When I found out that it is a programme where millions participate to write a novel in just thirty days, I almost swooned with the beauty of it all. Coffee-fueled inspiration, translated into a plot and lots and lots of words. One month of literary abandon, as they say. Just sitting and writing and making something of it. Being a writer and the one who is important because a novel is being written, not in some distant future (some books take decades to take shape, I have heard) but now, in just 30 days. Too good to be true! But it became my ultimate fantasy. I lived for November so as to be ushered into the Hall of Fame.

Why did I not start on my novel right away? Umm… it was something to do with not finding a good enough chair to park my butt in, busy schedules, self doubt and inevitable despair when I start on a long term writing project. But if millions around the world could do it, so could I.

This year, before November, I started my blog and got very drawn into the process of sharing bits of me with the world. It was an exhilarating experience. Writing for a very real audience with feedback in real time. It was good to talk openly, find like-minded people, find others who were writing very well… And I also discovered NaBloPoMo. This, at first seemed like a poor cousin of NaNoWriMo. A kind of consolation prize for those who did not have the guts to do the real thing. On a closer look however, it really was for bloggers who did not want to be separated from their blogs (you may have heard of the Umbillcal cord) and had neither the time nor the inclination to write a novel. There was no word count, no rules, just the blogger and his/her blog for thirty days! This was super cool.

At some level of my consciousness, I too felt I could not be separated from what had developed into an extension of myself. More soul searching led me to the conclusion that NaBloPoMo is simply a manifestation of our love for our blog babies, ones we give birth to and nurture. So, I would be a novelist next November. Right now, I have a commitment to my blog and my readers. See you all through the month in the NaBloPoMo! Ah! Bliss!



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