Horoscope for Soneans* (October)

The month ahead brings much needed rest and recreation after a long period of hard work. Your efforts finally bear fruit and you would be able to see the tangible benefits of the projects you have been following.

On the health front, you need to take care. Try not to strain yourself. To manage stress related health problems, try yoga or meditation.

Socially, you have a party coming up. Busy times for all soneans ahead, as friends and relatives drop in for celebrations. Try not to overindulge and take care not to offend anyone especially those considered higher up in the social ladder.
There could be an opportunity to travel overseas although you need to take care of your documents.

Daily Prompt

Write your own horoscope for the month gone by…
*Soneans is the imaginary sun sign created just for people like me.
This is one prediction that I loved doing. I wish Daily Post would ask us to write monthly predictions for all 12 sun signs.



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