Free Writing for Writing 101

I celebrate the three songs I love the most…

The first one definitely would be ‘Yoon hi chala chal raahi’ in Hindi from the film Swades’. It reflects the moods of my days. From the time when the seconds and minutes felt heavy to an unbearable lightness of being, the journey has been long but not difficult or tedious. If anything, I look back on my dark days with fondness, for they led me to light. And now that I know where I belong, I do not intend to go back to the despair and the hopelessness. I intend to walk towards light.

The second song that I love to hum is Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Ekala Chalo Re..’. It is sung in Bangla and I do not understand the language. I can just connect with the inspiration and whenever I feel that my beliefs are out of sync with the crowd, or whenever I feel unsupported or criticised, I think of Tagore and his beautiful rendering of the song. His voice reminds me of dawn, still cold and grey but soon to get warmer and brighter. I, then think of images in monochrome, as they were in his time. I draw strength from the exhortation to ” walk alone, if you believe”.

Another one of my favourites is ‘Been’ sung by Punjabi artist Kanwar Grewal. It transports me to the world of mysticism and Sufi devotion. His raw voice, coupled with his evident connection with a higher power makes me feel strong. The song is full-throated and full of energy.

From a Hindi film song that mirrors my philosophy of life, to an inspirational snippet from the bard Tagore, to a devotional song, sung in my mother-tongue, I feel rich to have them on my phone. I do not need any other playlists.

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