The day all my wishes come true would be very relaxing for me. I would wake up in the morning in a plush resort, hidden high in the mountains, far from the bustle of the town. Walking out in the balcony, I would breathe in the clean, crisp mountain air and take in the beautiful vista. Dressing myself, I would amble down to the balcony for breakfast and coffee. There I would have all the time to contemplate.


I would recap the success of my business venture in my mind, marveling at the price I got for selling my first start-up. Now would be the time to relax for a couple of days, before I plan my next move in my new entrepreneurial venture. I would reflect calmly on how well my children are doing, and what good things they have ahead of them. I would make a note to call my husband after coffee to find out which flight he would be taking to join me on his vacation.

After breakfast, I would go out into the village for some sight-seeing and shopping. I would savour the relaxed pace and my own company. This would also give me more time for reflection and happiness.

By this time of the day, I would be hungry so I would walk to the nearby eating joint to savour the local cuisine. I would pull out my journal from my bag and glance down at my To-do list. I have always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur, taking risks and turning around businesses to make them profitable ventures. This I was able to do well, at least. Financially, I was independent, another thing on my list. I had a loving family and rich personal relationships, as I had always wanted. My health was good and I was being proactive towards taking care of my overall well-being. And lastly, I was able to fulfill my life long wish to travel. I was content…

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