If my adult self were locked in the body of a 12 year old, this is what I would say to my school authorities…

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if our children just begged to go to school? Holidays would be welcome but getting back, even after a long hiatus, particularly looked forward to?

I set down to put my thoughts to paper, umm…the screen, regarding what can be done in our schools and what changes can be made in our education system, so that learning can be enjoyable and educating in the real sense of the word.

Thinking back to the time when I was a twelve year old and moving to a new school, I discerned many differences between my old school and the new one. With my limited understanding, I longed for certain changes to be in place. And today, I can articulate what I thought about (not that my understanding has gotten a lot better).

For one, let children learn at their own pace. Yes, we have classes, standards and grades and there are many children lumped together. But there are bound to be some, maybe many who go slow in some areas. Let us recognise that.

It is up to the teachers and instructors to make things(I mean the syllabus) interesting so that children develop a genuine love for learning.

Also, the emphasis must be on learning and not on the marks the children get on their tests.

All children must be given an equal opportunity towards all activities so that their talents are recognised and nurtured.

Give children knowledge so that they can handle life well, not just a career. They must be taught about financial as well as emotional intelligence.

Moral Science in schools should lean less towards religion and more towards being helpful, conscientious citizens.

Inclusiveness must be taught and practiced right in school. This means giving equal opportunities to the differently abled and economically challenged sections.

Most importantly, inculcate values such as independent and critical thinking, , creativity and treating failures as an important precursor to stepping up and reaching our dreams and goals.

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