In honor of Labor Day in North America, let me elucidate how I want my work place to be.

No matter what the profile,  the job position or job type, I would not want to work in a place which resembles a cubicle farm. I would feel claustrophobic in windowless rooms, flooded with fluorescent lighting. Offices housed in huge buildings which become hubs for masses of humanity and where all rooms and faces (anxiety, worry, fatigue) look alike would be nauseating.

In any job that I do, I want to go with the natural rhythm of the days. I need to feel the sun and the breeze. I need to go outdoors every once in a while and breath in the fresh air. I wish to work eagerly in the morning, slacken a bit in the noon and feel that I have done a great job by evening.

I wish to be able to start each day (of work) with a smile, a song on my lips, not jostling for space in overcrowded elevators. I want a personalised space where ideas can dance with abandon.


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