All of us encounter boredom some time or the other. For most of us it is simply a blip in our life. But for many this malaise can surface with alarming regularity. Tackling the empty feeling with no radar to guide you can wreck your nerves and ironically can leave you feeling more drained than people who are focussed in their approach. It may require an in-depth analysis of your life goals, beliefs and time structuring. But, first some strategies that may work very well without having to look for a life coach.

1.Get Involved
Often, boredom can be attributed to the fact that we are doing the same things over and over and the spark goes missing. These could be the routine chores like shopping for groceries, household chores, generating the same or rather very similar presentations at work, dealing with customers in the same manner, hour after hour, day after day.

The solution is to get involved in what you simply cannot avoid in the course of making a living or even in living a life. When you catch yourself complaining, take it as a warning that you need to revitalise yourself. Be aware of what you are doing. Concentrate and stay in the present. If you are doing the dishes, notice how the soap suds are cleansing, notice the pleasant sensation of water on your skin, revel in the satisfaction of getting the chore done. While in a queue at the local supermarket, instead of fretting, check things off your mental list. Observe your fellow shoppers. Engage your mind in mental games.

Getting Involved means watching inwardly how you can improve the experience. It can be quite satisfying for having a focus soothes your mind.

2.Get Active
Often, boredom takes us to activities that we wish would help us relax and rejuvenate. We plomp ourselves in front of the TV for some mindless watching. Or open the laptop for some aimless surfing. Or chat on the phone, where we talk of our boredom and reinforce the feeling. The more literary curl up with a book.

But the fact is that all these are passive activities, helping us to pass time and distracting us from our overwhelming feeling of boredom. They do not relax us, unless we are coming from back-breaking labour.

For rejuvenation, turn to active pursuits. Writing, instead of reading, for instance. Or gardening. This makes the brain work in creative ways. Indulging in your hobbies makes the brain happier and more relaxed. Work towards a small goal for better involvement.

3.Get Going
Sometimes, all you need to dispel that washed-out feeling is to just get up and do the things you dread. Make a list of things that need to be taken care of. Do them rather than procrastinating. Make those long put-off phone calls, make that shopping trip. Call over your friend to help you out and make the chore more enjoyable. Introduce variety in your routine by doing things the other way. Change your physical environment by moving around things in your room. Introduce beauty-put out some flowers even if in the midst of clutter or some artistic knick-knack. One different and positive act would motivate you to go in for similar experiences. The idea is to get off your backside and move your limbs. The mind would stop running around in circles and the hands would do the thinking.

Finally, if your boredom is all pervasive and even life threatening, have a list of things to be done all ready for an unexpected attack. Know and document what worked for you before so that you can be your own healer.

Have fulfilling times ahead.

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