The Australian Stockmen-A Book Review

The Stockmen by Rachael Treasure
Published by Viking, Penguin Group (Australia)

Rachael Treasure has produced a treasure of a book on the lives of Australian Stockmen. A marvellously beautiful tale set against the backdrop of tough and sometimes hostile Australian terrain, this is set in modern times returning time and again to the past to trace the lineage and spread of the bloodlines of the iconic kelpie work dogs.

The story of Jack Gleeson in the nineteenth century, responsible for starting the kelpie breed of dogs runs parallel to the story of Rosie, raised as a socialite but wanting to be part of the family farm and work as a stockman.

In Australia, it is the stockmen who look after large properties and take care of the livestock.Their role goes back to the early nineteenth century and they traditionally ride horses and have working dogs.

The book is an honest tale of life on the land. A beautiful romance is weaved in and the feel good bits make you feel sure of a happy ending.

I read this book as part of the Reader’s Digest Select Editions. These are condensed editions of hand picked best sellers retaining the essence of the story telling.

Rachael Treasure is tipped to be an exciting new discovery and it is not hard to see why.


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