Oranges and Peas-Unlikely Pairing

For me, the most loved and wierdest food pairing has got to be oranges and peas.

This goes back to my childhood, when I was a pre-teen and just discovering cooking. Under the watchful eyes of my mother, my elder sister and I would venture out to try traditional and non-traditional fare.

So, regularly, we would rustle up things like bread fried on the skillet in butter. The elders almost always remarked,” Ooh, such a lot of butter!”. We always wondered what the big deal was about a lot of butter. We know better now, what with trying to win the ‘battle of the bulge’.

Sometimes, the food would be Masala bread-bread cooked in vegetable curry spices.If we felt like eating a complete meal cooked all by ourselves we would go in for bread topped with milk cream and sprinkled with salt and pepper.This was followed by the dessert, voila!bread topped with milk cream and sprinkled with sugar!

Of course, we liked fruit salads too, especially slices of raw mango, plucked fresh from the neighbour’s houses. It was rather easy, considering most of the occupants were away on the annual summer vacation to the hills or elsewhere.We loved the radishes and carrots, dug from the kitchen garden.

All our culinary experiments were enviously witnessed by our younger sister, who at six years was considered too young to be even an assistant chef. To impress us, she decided to whip up a masterpiece. One winter afternoon, she got busy in the kitchen. Mom’s strict,”No heating, no cooking” directive did not deter her. Soon, she was in our room, triumphantly holding out a covered dish.”And here is something you would love”, she announced, as she removed the lid with a flourish to reveal beautifully decorated slices of orange with shelled peas.

I still love the dish and try it every now and then. The ingredients complement each other rather well in colour, crunch and taste!



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